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Abimis preview for Salone del Mobile 2016 22.02.2016

Resulting from Prisma’s extensive expertise in the large-scale catering industry, on land and at sea, the Abimis brand offers kitchens designed for private settings but also capable of guaranteeing users the highest performance levels of more ambitious and professional kitchens.

A brand new product which will be presented in 2016 is the Atelier line in the two models, Chelsea e Bagutta: two evocative names that perfectly define the company’s philosophy, which is international in terms of product type and reference market, but all-Italian when it comes to the quality of its production process, which entails hand-crafted finishing touches that embellish every phase of production, as well as an entirely ‘tailor-made’ approach, with bespoke designs that accommodate the needs of every individual taste.

The Chelsea and Bagutta models by Atelier are available with two different types of worktops, with either a razor-blade profile or a box profile, in steel or other materials suitable for culinary use, and they also feature squared doors that lend the overall kitchen block composition a clean-cut and tidy appearance. The rounded internal compartments also make for rapid cleaning as they provide less opportunity for dirt build-up, guaranteeing superior levels of hygiene.

In addition to the worktop, Atelier can also be produced with customised doors, which can be painted, surfaced with different finishes and materials, and available with or without a handle, with a practical invisible groove. The steel of the body itself can also be requested in different variants.

Abimis kitchens afford the perfect balance of functionality and beguiling appearance, distinguished by a stainless steel core yet designed to leave free reign for customisation of details and quality design.

Every detail in Abimis kitchens is designed to stand the test of time and to make an impression, as well as to facilitate and optimise all aspects of cooking, making the setting ergonomic and efficient.

Abimis kitchens tell a beautiful tale. About the starring role, the cook.

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