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At Milano Design Week 2017 the “Inspired in Barcelona: in & out” exhibition 09.03.2017

Open-air, in the intimacy of one’s own home, or in the conviviality of urban spaces. The “Inspired in Barcelona: In & Out” exhibition scheduled to be at Palazzo Isimbardi from April 4th to the 9th 2017, during Milan Design Week, fully immerses you in the lifestyle of this Mediterranean city. In time, Barcelona has grown into a cradle of creativity, where design and architecture inspire the social behaviours and constitute tangible values for its inhabitants and for a multitude of tourists that go there every year.

From the works of Enric Miralles, to the mark Jean Nouvel has left on the city, the Catalan capital indeed houses some of the finest examples of contemporary architecture, enriched by a planning of the open-air spaces that stimulates constant use by the community. You can clearly see the design even on the streets: the benches, the lighting systems, the pavement, the bus shelters, and the green areas demonstrate how it has been studied down to the very last detail as far as aesthetics and functionality. The same care is found even inside homes and the furnishing product mixes Mediterranean creativity with the most innovative international trends.

Design therefore pervades and is deep-rooted in the Catalonia area on various levels. It is this complexity that Catalonia Trade & Investment and BCD – Barcelona Centro de Diseño, the exhibition’s organisers, have sought to interpret in the outfitting design by Emiliana Design Studio, which will feature the recreation of the most characteristic spheres of the city’s creativity. The patio and portico of Palazzo Isimbardi, the prestigious venue chosen to host the event, perfectly present the different forms that make Barcelona a metropolitan hub in constant evolution and renowned all over the world.

Thus the courtyard of the 17th century complex expresses the vivacity of the rhythms of the city and its outdoor spaces: beneath a structure of thin, coloured rolling shutters – a reference to one of the most popular elements in Barcelona – small lounges have been created with products just for the outdoors. Along the porticoed façade instead we find the indoor furniture, placed on stands that emphasise their distinctive characteristics.

“Inspired in Barcelona: In & Out” is conceived to bring out the potential that Barcelona can express in design, with a selection of 90 products made by the best brands and designers. Eugeni Quitllet, Jaime Hayon, Patricia Urquiola, Miguel Milà, Lievore Altherr Molina and Lagranja Design, together with Santa & Cole, Kettal, Nanimarquina, are just some of the main players in this unique voyage that will take the exhibition’s visitors through the excellence of Catalan design.

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