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ARAN World launches the Bathroom collection and the Night collection 12.01.2023

Bathroom and Night collection. Not one, but two new collections in the ARAN World catalogue.

A determined and conscious choice that confirms with fierceness and professionalism the new recent direction of the Abruzzan company: not only kitchens.

The reflection behind this change was not new but occurred over a long period of time: the consolidated experience in the Contract world has been the springboard for design projects capable of involving dedicated production lines.

This “invasion of the field” starts from the approach that the company itself applies to the Contract projects, in which it is fundamental respecting what it is possible to consider the “functions of living” in the furnishing systems — in a shared and shareable way.

Tradition and design are the pillars on which the ARAN story – and success in the Contract world – are based. Thanks to the research of materials and the attention to detail – keywords of the ARAN World Made            in Italy – it was possible to think about two new retail collections studied to interpret the furnishing as an organic and unavoidable component inside the domestic dimension, a dimension made of meticulous choices and contemporary needs.

The ARAN World determination and ability consisted in creating solutions capable of embracing and satisfying people needs who nowadays have learnt to “live the house”.

Among the different options indeed, introducing in the catalogue also the designing and the production of furnishing elements for the night and bath area has been seen as a direct response transformation, without never forgetting the company focus: the kitchen.

The bathroom collection tells the evolution of a space fully dedicated to the well-being, and to contend with the tensions of the contemporary lifestyle, often too chaotic.

The bathroom concept signed ARAN World is getting closer and closer to a relax area, enriching its furniture with functionality and aesthetic. Hence the choice to create an essential line to express – as in the Zen culture – a “way of being” in balance with themselves and the surroundings. A stability that finds its visual and formal match in the combination of different materials capable of transforming the room in a dimension in which it is possible to breath serenity.

The Night collection combines technology, innovation and Made in Italy craftmanship with a versatile design.

The language of contemporary life is included and elaborated inside the company know how, without leaving out the fundamental aspects of this space dedicated to the “night”, as the light – natural and artificial – which emphasizes all the possible combinations of finishings available in the catalogue, and the attention to detail. Modular and versatile solutions, with a minimal and elegant line for the Night area, meet the needs of a cosmopolitan living.

With these new collections, ARAN World officially signs its minimal line total look which crosses all the surfaces of the house, emphasizing every single detail.  The combinations of the materials and finishes, in addition to their matchable nature, become the trait d’union connecting all the rooms.

All the Night collection and Bathroom collection solutions are available in the ARAN flagship stores and are ready to make houses unique, by respecting the contemporary aesthetic and strengthening the habits of the homeowners.

The ARAN total look is perfect to realize and give continuity to all the projects in which the keyword is “customizable”. From the single residential project to the more challenging ones of the contract world, the interior ARAN solutions can build new tailor-made spaces.

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