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ARAN Cucine won the Gran Prix de l’Innovation 2021 in Paris 25.11.2021

Espritmeuble 2021 edition, the French trade fair dedicated to furniture and design professionals, ended on tuesday 23 November. ARAN Cucine, who took part in the event for the first time, in Espritcuisine sector, received an important award, the Gran Prix de l’Innovation.

A jury of experts and consumers decided to reward the company from Abruzzo, for its history, its values, its craftsmanship and industrial, and for that forward-looking vision that allows to design increasingly innovative products. Oasi, the kitchen designed in collaboration with Stefano Boeri Architetti, is a true symbol, and it is no wonder that it won the jury, leading ARAN Cucine to victory.

Oasi is, in fact, much more than a simple kitchen: it is a model able to spread social, cultural, and environmental messages that that have always been inspiring principles for the company. Icon of healthy living, Oasi tells the relationship between man and environment, the care for one another, the balance and the exchange that must exist between one and the other; it talks about family values and their evolution, conviviality, and the beauty of Made in Italy, and it succeeds in it thanks to an extremely innovative concept: the kitchen, in fact, is built around a tree, bringing nature into the centre of the scene. The choice of sustainable materials and the high-tech solutions make this product extraordinary, with attention to every detail.

The Gran Prix de l’Innovation 2021 was presented to Renzo Rastelli, ARAN World’s CEO, during the celebration that took place in the exhibition, at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The award was welcomed with joy and pride, as an example of the courage of the entire company, that never stops looking to the future with optimism and confidence.

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