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Antrax IT for Casa Flora 27.03.2017

A new way of providing hospitality comes to life in the heart of Venice

Casa Flora is a mesmerising and at the same time quite an unusual residence situated just a stone’s throw from Saint Mark’s Square, in Venice. It is a large house in which to live, to work, to create bonds and to enjoy the city, enveloped by a unique and stimulating atmosphere.

Casa Flora is the result of an ambitious hospitality project by Gioele Romanelli, the third generation of a hotelier family and the owner of Hotel Flora and Novecento Boutique Hotel, built in partnership with Diego Paccagnella, creative director and founder of Design-Apart, an international platform which has taken design Made in Italy to New York.

In Casa Flora, everything is bespoke and designed to enjoy the space as a unique experience and to welcome guests with all the comforts of a boutique hotel, yet with the independence afforded by one’s own home. Thus it is a merger of two worlds, the world of hospitality by tradition and the world of design by innovation, linked together by the shared intention of creating a truly unique venue, dedicated to anyone in search of a different kind of hospitality, with tailor-made settings and amenities. Indeed, Casa Flora offers its guests experiences to discover places, to meet people and to enjoy the city in a different way, as only a Venetian or a true Venice aficionado knows how.

Over twenty partner companies were involved in the creation of unique pieces to transform Casa Flora into an extraordinary capsule containing the most authentic design Made in Italy.

Antrax IT provides heat for this venue, with its surprising and contemporary concept, thanks to its Teso radiators designed by Dante Benini and Luca Gonzo.

Antrax IT proved to be the ideal partner for furnishing and heating the settings devoted to daily pampering and well-being in Casa Flora with a designer radiator devised to combine styling, comfort and functionality.

The Teso radiator used for such settings is produced in a stylish white finish and fitted with a dedicated towel rail available in three colour variants: white, pink and azure blue. Antrax IT designer radiators blend in seamlessly with the colours and features of each room they adorn, becoming distinguishing features of the interior architecture, genuine objects of design that go far beyond their sole function.

“Warmth” therefore enters the rooms of Casa Flora to express the exceptional capacity of products designed by Antrax IT to customise settings and accommodate the styling and functional requirements of even the most sophisticated and particular bathroom or living environment.


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