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Antrax IT, the ‘warmth’ of autumn 29.09.2016

As we bid farewell to the summer, we welcome the fragrances, lights, feelings and emotions that the new season brings, but it is above all the colours of autumn that make this season so unique and somehow special.

Warm, soft colours like beige or more intense hues, such as the various shades of brown, bring to mind earth, wood and stone – nuances that ‘herald’ the arrival of the colder months, months that crave warmth and ‘cosiness’.

Antrax IT brings ‘warmth’ to the autumn with its heating elements, solutions that continuously provide a sense of well-being not only for their function, but also for their characteristic colours that are able to create unique atmospheres.

Lobello, Teso Colour, Flaps, Tavola and Tavoletta, TT, Zero-Otto are radiators that can fully satisfy any interior design requirements, and whose colours enable them to bring a new meaning to their surroundings, from the bathroom to the living area.

Antrax IT uses its ‘warmth’ to revisit the role of a simple object that heats spaces, turning the radiator into a real interior design feature that can enhance and customize its surroundings thanks to a wide range of finishes, with more than 200 colours available in the catalogue.

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