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Ambiente d’Autore 21.09.2017

Experience and competence, passion and enthusiasm, good taste and artisan expertise.
Roberto Giovannini creates classic furniture and accessories capable of bringing out wood carving’s more stunning
features and transforming it into an art form in its own right.
The special characteristics of the wood carving and the finest quality finishings define, as always, the uniqueness of the Florentine presence in the classic furniture sector. The new Ambiente d’Autore catalogue presents a collection
of splendid images, a succession of living spaces of extraordinary beauty which share the details of Roberto
Giovannini’s world, his aesthetic and conceptual philosophy and the emotions which he transmits with his creations.
Ambiente d’Autore focusses on unique living spaces which reveal the particular care and expertise inherent in the finest details; living spaces which include the proportions and the aesthetic criteria of classic beauty. Here, the extraordinary luxury of the styles of past times reaches its highest level without ever exasperating the concepts.
Furnishing a space with Roberto Giovannini décor, be it living, dining or night-time, is the expression of a true art form.

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