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Alma Design, nanotechnologies serving design 13.05.2016

Born in the concept of innovation, grown in the abilities to offer an absolutely avanguardistic product from the technological point of view, Alma Design confirms its path towards making design not a purely aesthetic but also a functional fact, ready to embrace the continous improvements in the field of materials.

In the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2016, in fact, the company expresses with proud the results of the research work that has always been the core of its identity: the novelties offer the products new and exceptional guarantees of resistance and durability for both residential spaces and, in particular, for contract and demonstrate the achievement of important goals for the furniture field.

Goals made possible by the exclusive partnership between Alma Design and Nanobiotech, a leading company in the elaboration of products able to respond to the most common problems related to the protection and prevention of deterioration of the surfaces.

Thanks to this collaboration, Alma Design opens up to unexplored horizons and employs nanotechnologies normally used in the construction, nautical and automotive industries.

Two fundamental novelties introduced, which can be applied to Alma Design products and considerably improve their performances: the first one consists of an antibacterial treatment; the second one, instead, is a hydro-oleophobic treatment.

Ecofriendly and 100% environtmentally friendly technologies, equally indispensable to solve the common problems related to collective spaces, which are exposed to massive employment and a to a not always careful use by customers.

The first coating mentioned, based on a bionic technology, is able to eliminate more than 99% of viruses, bacteria and mildews: a guarantee for buildings like hospitals, schools, hotels, airports where the uninterrupted flow of people alters air purity and precludes its healthiness. Thanks to the titanium dioxide principles and to the silver nanoparticles contained in this product, an antibacterial action is carried out. This action activates in presence of sunlight or artificial light by means of photocatalysis. The oxigen created by this process decomposes the CO2 molecules and the impurities in contact with the surface as well as the the scents and pathological agents, creating a proper purifying effect. 1000mq of treated surface correspond, in fact, to the activity generated by around 70 medium height trees.

The second coating, instead, presents itself as a varnish with really low thickness that perfectly adheres to surfaces, ensuring unique features of resistance to the penetration of liquids, dirt, abrasion and UV rays. If conveniently treated with this varnish, materials traditionally used for interior spaces, like fabrics or wood, can be placed equally in outdoor and indoor spaces: fluids easily slide, without penetrating or being absorbed.

Both treatments are devoid of any chromatic property, applicable with extreme ease to plastic, wood, fabrics, leathers etc: a simple spray varnishing permanently fixes the abovementioned qualities, whose duration is guaranteed for a six-year life-cycle.

The treatments can be superposed to ensure really high performances or carried out separatelty to respond to a specific requirement. Nanotechnologies selected by Alma Design add a precious value to an extremely high level design.


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