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Alma Design enjoys “greenery” 12.01.2017

From runways to jewellery, all the way to gadgets and complements to decorate home, the “greenery” is going to enrich our 2017 with an energy emitted from its bright nuance that reminds natures’ freshness in the first springy days. A green light like gems or like the impeccable english grass: here’s from where comes its natural energy, inspired by the renaissance moment.

The greenery has been selected from Pantone to become a real metaphor of human necessity to get back to the environmental bond together with its fascinating transformation power. That is precisely the type of bond that we look for with always more impetus in our homes, that must be able to give the perfect balance between what happens outside and familiar intimacy.

Alma Design, shares the same enthusiasm and energy released by the “greenery” in its productive philosophy and manifests the color of the year’s exuberance in its most celebratory collections. X Big, Amarcord and Marlene are in fact represented in the trend colors that ensure vivacity in living or contract spaces.

Amarcord is a lounge-chair with fluid design, whose organic inspiration is perfectly emphasized by the green covering:comfortable and light, it looks like a thin leaf sustained by a metallic skid frame structure, available in chromed or painted finishing. In addition, its shell can be fully upholstered  or proposed in a combination with wood, lacquered or oak finish and only in the inside upholstered.

Marlene gives instead its elegant lines, modern interpretation of the classic wood chair, to a polycarbonate composition that modifies completely its perception. Its transparency and the lighting effect of the material look alike this product to gems, making it  at the same time a refined and iconic piece of furniture.

Finally, X Big, becomes an armchair with an extraordinary identity in the “greenery” shade. Its contemporary taste and its enveloping outline, in contrast with the geometric structure, gain in the green color a fresh and young image, ideal for the demanding millenials customer.

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