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Allaperto 04.05.2017

Ethimo and Matteo Thun + Antonio Rodriguez
A surprising collection, where design meets nature and creativity becomes emotion Allaperto, one philosophy for four different ‘outfits’: Montagna, Grand Hotel, Camping Chic and Urban.

Different looks, the same essence. With the Allaperto collection, Ethimo, together with Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, tells exciting stories, new to outdoor furniture design.

The very name of the collection evokes images of life in the open air and brings to mind new ideas for relaxing in different outdoor contexts. From total immersion in nature, to the ease of luxury hospitality, through to the pace of metropolitan or ‘nomadic’ life, the Allaperto collection transforms, experimenting with refined combinations of colours and materials, showing off surprising looks that interpret all its different settings.

The collection comes alive thanks to a ‘sign’ that defines the four moods. Development of the project concept is based on a linchpin element, the wood structure, treated like a true genetic matrix that ‘frames’ a variety of extraordinary

Allaperto is a dynamic, versatile collection. It adapts like the leading actor to its stage, confirming that sophisticated, elegant allure that only perfect equilibrium of shape, volume, colour and unique details manages to create, a synaesthesia that has
always made Ethimo creations stand out.

The pieces in the Allaperto collection create exclusive, exciting layouts, with special attention to enhancement of the relationship with their surroundings, charming locations that are perfect for pure relaxation.

Allaperto is technological innovation, craftsmanship, inventiveness and versatility. A multi-faceted range therefore, which embraces the canons of function, aesthetics and comfort required from outdoor furnishings.

Creativity draws inspiration from nature. The four different moods are conceived as interpretations of special settings to be customised with different lifestyles.

With their eclectic appearance and multiple identities, these articles form a collection of furnishings that are playful and dynamic in spirit, every day giving new inspiration and free rein to the imagination with the emotion of inimitable settings.

Allaperto takes Ethimo beyond its Mediterranean style, with an increasingly more passionate approach to contemporary design.
Furnishings undergo an ironic change of appearance, preserving the essence of their creators.

Refined furniture that combines style and durability for unique, special outdoor areas that emphasise the ‘cosy’ mood and sensation felt indoors. Attention to details is here joined by experience, intuition and a desire to create modern solutions that
are comfortable and capable of setting new trends in outdoor living, not limited to the needs of today’s contract sector.

Ethimo, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez have therefore generated a new way of interpreting design for outdoors, embracing natural inspiration and metropolitan references.

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