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Allaperto 09.03.2021

Allaperto, the lounge collection spawned by the partnership between EthimoMatteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, which has become iconic for the different ‘outfits’ with which it interprets the places that host it, continues its transformation in two new moods, Veranda and Nautic, pairing teak, respectively, with natural rattan and rope.

Allaperto Veranda dresses the lounge armchair in rattan, offering an example of the increasingly eco-friendly approach that focuses on the choice of materials with a rather vintage feel.

The natural rattan weave is a perfect match for the transitional spaces between indoors and outdoors, such as porticos or verandas. Areas which today, in our everyday lives, become a veritable extension of the comfort offered by our interiors, with an innate ability to surprise, also in
contemporary exterior design.

The special texture of natural rattan and its sophisticated weave help create a charming “exotic” effect in the semi-open spaces that host this new version of the Allaperto armchair.

Allaperto Nautic, the second new outfit designed with Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, styles the entire lounge, combining teak with polypropylene rope, a 100% outdoor, recyclable material.

The Nautic mood is inspired by the maritime world, and pairs precious teak with an artisan herringbone weave in rope, endowing chairs and sofas with a distinctive personality that boosts the appeal of their slender lines.

The characteristic weave of Veranda and Nautic is entirely hand-made, conveying an authentic sartorial feel and the sense of an artisan crafting process.

For 2021, the Allaperto collection is also enriched by another important new addition: a suspended armchair emblem of an outdoor environment made of lightness, in full harmony with the flexibility of the natural world.

The new suspended armchair, also available in the swing version with self-bearing stand, can be personalised in Rattan (Veranda mood), rope (Nautic mood ) or Etwick fibre (Mountain mood), paired with the teak frame that characterises the entire Allaperto collection. Its generous dimensions combine with a solid frame, creating a brand new proposal ideal for “swinging” carefree in the open air in maximum comfort.

Allaperto confirms its identity as a surprising, dynamic collection that reinvents itself according to the latest trends and the context that hosts it, generating a range of different experiences for enjoying outdoor spaces with maximum effect.

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