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All the materials in the world on one surface 18.05.2016

Opera3B presents Inspiration: the range of techno-surfaces at the service of creativity


Stories told on wood and stone, but also nods to textures of fabrics, leather and paper. Or tales from the urban world, a pragmatic and surprising realm with mirrors, concrete and metals. Material expands beyond its borders, it dilates and ‘blends’ on a single panel capable of transforming itself and constantly painting a new picture. A potentially infinite canvas with only one limit: the creativity of the commissioner.

Opera3B creates Inspiration: a range of technological surfaces created as a result of our constant dialogue with clients. Inspiration can take on new characteristics for prints and colour schemes, according to one’s specific taste, preferences and needs.

The Inspiration panels can be punctured, shaped and cut with great ease and do not require any special packaging or maintenance. This is why they are extremely useful tools, not only at the service of the architectural and design world (both private and contract), but also of the furniture design, product design, interior design and retail industries.

And in order to express all of Inspiration’s potential, enhancing the currently wide range of finishings available, Opera3B puts its faith in the creativity of the project commissioner. The result of this creative collaboration is 3B Graphic®: an Inspiration line customisable with any image of your choice, thanks to a high-resolution print, capable of perfectly tricking the eye, while remaining faithful to the original print.

And that’s not all: with 3B Life® and 3B Touch® by Inspiration, Opera3B also offers tactile finishes, embossed or carved, which interpret the material in a new way, pushing it beyond two-dimensional boundaries.

With Inspiration, Opera3B offers ample creative and figurative breadth at an extremely competitive price.

Inspiration: technology has become… tailor-made art.

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