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Alivar and the bedroom, a ‘dream’ venue 05.10.2017

The bedroom is without a doubt the room which best represents our most intimate and private selves. It is the place where we rest after a hard day’s work, a kind of personal ‘temple’ ‘built’ according to our own individual needs. For this room – which is so different from the remainder of our home – Alivar, with its Home Project collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, is offering a series of bedroom solutions which, at first sight, convey feelings of comfort and well-being: essential prerogatives for a good night’s rest. Impeccable stitching, soft hides, and a strikingly simple and sophisticated design are just some of the qualities that distinguish the beds Alivar has to offer.

Bali is indeed the most recent embodiment of such qualities. Presented last April at Salone del Mobile 2017, this bed – with its soft, rounded silhouettes – stands out particularly for the leather-upholstered headboard, which is embellished by special quilted workmanship and ‘framed’ by the warmth and solidity of wood. Available in the storage version, thanks to the elegant use of greys and clean-cut silhouettes, Bali transforms the ‘dream venue’ par excellence into a dream itself. An impeccable choice of materials and shapes was also made for the Maya bed, featuring a large, slightly bevelled headboard with rounded edges, almost as if to ’embrace’ the frame, and the bed surround which – upholstered in polyurethane foam – covers the steel base entirely. Maya can also be ‘clad’ with leather or fabric according to personal tastes, just like Bohème, which ‘designs’ the headboard with its quilted stitching, to play the starring role of elegant and sophisticated atmospheres. In the case of Suite too, the headboard is the dominant feature of this bed, which with its name alone brings to mind large, sumptuous top-end contract settings. Upholstered with polyurethane foam and sterilised down, the wooden headboard stands out for its oversized dimensions that frame the bedstead of this exclusive item of furniture.

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