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Airframe® 13.09.2023

When vertical design becomes light


With Airframe® the lightness meets art in furniture accessories by NC Design® group.

Between Lumaframe® (the shining support that enchants with contrast and chiaroscuro), and Acousticframe® (with its features match beautiful images with acoustic comfort), the new product Airframe® is afeatherweight’ able to take charge of a very high-quality print.

Airframe® is a laminate honeycomb panel with a glossy black edge of 37mm. The surface features a slightly peeled texture and a matte finish, besides reducing reflection and glare, it can absorb the light and gather in full and velvet colours that recall the rich brush strokes of the oil colours.

Airframe® is anti-boarding, self-supporting, and with holes arranged on the back to allow an easy placement, both hanging or lent. The lightness and versatility of this product make it ideal not just for decor residential spaces, contract and Ho.Re.Ca., but also optimal for temporary staging and locations such as events, catering, temporary shops or special setting up that require a particular ease in furnishing installation and movement.

Once again, the careful artistic selection is at the service of products with specific technique features and a project aims in the interior design field: Airframe® wisely joins function and aesthetic keeping a very pleasant digital print with a special color performance without giving up convenience.


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