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Air Decor: the new Turri air purifiers 07.03.2022

Living well and home comfort do not depend only on the size, functionality or harmony of the spaces in which you live, but also on the atmosphere you breathe there. After all, luxury is not a concept linked only to something material, and rather it consists in the possibility and freedom to satisfy one’s senses. Thus, the ‘new way of living in beauty,’ for which Turri is an ambassador, also passes through a detail as important as it is unexpected: namely, the quality of the air. The company has in fact launched a series of purifiers, ideal for combating indoor pollution and ensuring maximum comfort even within the home.

Thanks to a research and development team, Turri has created two objects with a contemporary design and a technological heart. The first is an ornamental and design accessory, the second functional – because it is also designed to be a tray. The Air Decor contains a purification system: a small fan sucks in the air channeling it into a screened area, where it is treated due to the combination of UV rays and selective filters. Once sanitized, the air flow is reintroduced to the environment through the filter located in the lower part. Each room will be deprived of pollutants of any nature, be they chemical, such as the residues of some solvents or detergents; physical, such as particles of smoke or smog; biological, such as mold and bacteria.

Turri has combined the latest generation technology with its extraordinary craftsmanship tradition and the well-known ability to take care of every detail. The Air Decor is, in fact, covered and embellished with leather, available in various colors, or with solid canaletto walnut wood, so as to ensure the necessary stylistic coherence with all the furnishings offered by the company. It is a significant project, which adds further value and completeness to the idea of ​​a ‘Turri house’, in which to live one is surrounded by maximum comfort and immersed in a rare sensation of sophisticated well-being.

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