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Agave, preview Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2017 14.02.2017

The partnership between Ethimo and Mattia Albicini has spawned Agave, a collection of tables and chairs whose lines draw inspiration from the sinuous forms of the leaves of the eponymous plant.

The solid teak, which makes up the elements of the family, is painstakingly crafted by Ethimo, to recreate the soft movements, the thin profiles and silky surface of Agave. Then, just like leaves let water run off their surface, the design by Mattia Albicini comes with a shallow groove on the symmetry lines, which acts as a drainage system as well as an elegant decorative detail.

The wood is thus sculpted to give life to furniture with elegant ‘poise’, extremely pleasant to feel and to behold.

‘With Agave – the designer Mattia Albicini recounts – I wanted to create a collection that would prioritise comfort and that was at the same time elegant and refined. Different influences, past and present, are combined in its design. The past comes from the recreation of the organic forms of 1950s furniture, the present from the design’s originality and the study of the material combined with the sophisticated technology used to work solid teak, fruit of Ethimo’s extensive experience. I would like this collection to be the choice of whoever wishes to enrich the outdoors with the flavour and sophistication of an interior design’.

The sophisticated workmanship is not only translated into the form, but also into the substance.

Agave in fact springs from an even broader design study, conceived to ensure ergonomics and maximum comfort, as well as long life, like the plant that inspired it.

Agave reinterprets the organic forms typical of the 1950s with a renewed sensibility and invites you to experience a new approach to relaxation.

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