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Acousticframe® 25.05.2023

Vertical design to improve the acoustic comfort


In the whispering silent of the art, the Acousticframe® design accessories by NC Design® group transform walls, cupboards, console or other kind of tabletop into a ‘stage’ made of styles and ideas that catch the eye and make the space of destination, also from the acoustic point of view, more cozy.

Illustrations, draws, photography and graphics take a new and surprising function: thanks to the sound absorbing product Acousticframe®, images from Decor Frame catalogue evolve themselves from decorative object to elements capable of enhancing acoustic well-being.

Thus in the decoration and desing overview, NC Design® group presents new scenario to customize every space with accessories that harmonize the emotional and communicative power of the images to the functionality of a product that helps to improve the acoustics within a room.

Therefore, striking a perfect balance between technique and esthetical features, every images from Decor Frame catalogue can be print on the Acousticframe® sound-absorbing material: stratified sandwich, it’s composed of two thin layer of fiberglass that, inside, contain rock wool. The images are printed in high quality, and adorned with an elegant, satin black, 5mm aluminum frame, on the front part, with a total thickness of 40mm.


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