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Abimis: the kitchen that heats and cools 27.06.2018

Abimis makes kitchens that help the chef not only during preparation, but also during preservation and serving, so the chef can feel as though (s)he were in a genuine restaurant kitchen within the comfort of his or her home.

This is why the modules, drawers or doors can be equipped with cooling systems, and why the bin compartment can be refrigerated. Indeed, preserving waste at a constant temperature of 6°C neutralises unpleasant odours and reduces the spreading of bacteria, especially in humid waste.

The heating system, which can be positioned in a compartment or beneath the top, facilitates the serving and dishing-up phase, helping keep crockery warm before it is placed on the table.

Last but not least, all Abimis kitchens are designed to house ovens, blast chillers and wine cellars by all manufacturers, to become ‘machines à cuisiner’ that are entirely tailored to the tastes and habits of the user.

Abimis addresses domestic spaces, and it does so with an innovative and functional design that stems from its profound knowledge of the professional restaurant and catering industry. In short, Abimis redefines the idea of cooking at home, making it a unique experience, suitable for those who are passionate about cooking.

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