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Abimis: limitless service, from start to finish 03.12.2018

While on the one hand relying on an industry means choosing a certified product, it is also true that in many cases this translates to the risk of losing out on an important value, i.e. craftsmanship: the ‘human’ side, the ability to follow and support the customer and assist him/her throughout the entire buying experience, from choosing a model to its final installation on site.

In this eternal battle between industry and craft, there are nevertheless brands such as Abimis, who have managed to create a balance between these two worlds.

Abimis produces custom-made kitchens, and it is a company that offers all-round services, both industrial and craft-based, devised to satisfy not only the end users, but all those involved in the process, whether designers, architects and craftsmen who also need to work with the kitchen.

Abimis has made service its added value, and the brand has decided to monitor all its kitchens from start to finish, from the time the order is placed, to its design, shipping and installation.

The Abimis team supports and aids customers throughout every step of the project, to accommodate their every need, so the kitchen fits perfectly in any space. There are no limits to the customisation possibilities for elements, in terms of shape, finish and size: each Abimis model is one of a kind and unique, like a work of art.

Once produced, the kitchen is first assembled in the factory to test operation, and if it is very large it is cut into blocks and prepared for shipping and reassembly on site.

Shipping and installation are also monitored directly by Abimis, in any country and in any space, without obstacles. Whether a penthouse apartment, a mountain chalet or a farmhouse in the middle of a wood, Abimis kitchens are lifted by crane, carried on snow cats or even air-lifted by helicopter.

Abimis does it all, always, through 360°, with experience, efficiency and flexibility.

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