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Abimis furnishes a loft in Paris 23.01.2017

A surface area spanning 170 square metres, a concept balancing between past and present, a spectacular view of the entire 10th arrondissement in Paris and the spirit of a redeveloped industrial archaeological context. The interior design project designed by Festen Architecture for an apartment just around the corner from Place de la Republique has all the appeal of a New York loft: its spaces are smooth, sleek and sophisticated, with settings separated only where necessary, and high ceilings embellished by existing steel structural features. The large rectangular windows are characterised by the typical iron fixtures dating back to early 20th Century factories.

The overall effect is one of a home where living is mixed with a more toil-related dimension and the specific elements of both facets generate a pleasant harmony.
The kitchen in the apartment, made by Abimis, in fact mirrors this desire to blend together two antagonistic poles: indeed, the functionality that is communal to professional catering is associated with a distribution of blocks that accommodates the needs of a private user. The steel, which identifies all the products tailor made by Abimis, lends this solution a sculptural dimension along with sophisticated uniformity.

Festen Architecture has in fact emphasised the philosophy of dual function thanks to the Ego model by Abimis: a blend of elegance, innovation and ergonomic design, with a clean- cut silhouette thanks to the bevelled flush doors fully integrated into the structure and the latest-generation hinging pivot – patented by Abimis.

A large island, fitted with an induction hob and an oven, overlooks the living room without generating any discontinuity: it is a convenient worktop to use for cooking or to enjoy a drink with friends. Beneath the long window, a second block houses the sink, and a larder unit rests against the wall to complete the layout of the kitchen, which recalls the charm of professional settings with its vibrant metal hues, with an unprecedented appeal.

In this large loft, situated in the French capital, two contrasting souls are joined together by a single style. A goal that was shared entirely by Abimis, a brand established in 2013 thanks to Prisma’s thirty years of experience in innovating the cooking process directly athome.

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