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Abimis in New York 21.01.2020

A stunning play on mirrors

Abimis has confirmed its significant international growth path by partnering with the Bonetti Kozerski architecture studio in New York. In fact, this Italian company has been chosen for the renovation of a prestigious apartment on the thirty-ninth floor of a skyscraper right in the heart of New York, along Manhattan’s famous Fifth Avenue.

This home is incredibly sophisticated, down to the last detail: from its layout to the choice of iconic furnishing accessories and original pieces of contemporary art. Together with Abimis, the architects have designed an Ego kitchen which is as fascinating as it is small: a cube of mirrors in which light and reflections create an incredible visual effect.

Despite being created in a small space, this kitchen is extremely functional. The ad hoc design and Abimis’s skill in creating bespoke solutions once again allowed all the benefits of a professional kitchen to be brought into a small home environment: the cooking unit and sink unit are at opposite sides of this rectangular room, like a reflection in a mirror, with the floorto- ceiling column system, complete with customised containers, covering the walls. The special, mirror-polished finish of the stainless steel creates reflections and a fascinating effect, making this kitchen a real gem.

It certainly creates a high-impact visual and scenic effect, and demonstrates the high level of craftsmanship guaranteed by Abimis: the numerous appliances are skilfully built into the kitchen units, perfectly hidden behind the bevelled flush doors that are fully integrated into the structure.  Following the instructions received from the Bonetti Kozerski studio, it was also possible to create a wine cellar underneath a handy fitted compartment where glasses and accessories can be kept.

The exclusive recessed sole of the Ego line allows for the person cooking to move their feet around with greater agility, and has been illuminated in order to bring out the ergonomics of the cooking unit and enhance the aesthetic value of the entire kitchen.

The company once again provided its customer with its full attention throughout all stages of the project, from the design through to the installation, studying ad hoc solutions and arriving on-site to weld the kitchen units directly in the apartment, after delicately transporting it to its destination. Abimis has once again brought Italian know-how to America, proving itself to be an extraordinary ambassador of Made in Italy quality in the world.

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei

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