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Abimis: a kitchen tailored to our needs 29.11.2017

Ergonomic design is a fundamental and essential feature in any kitchen, on a par with household appliances.

Abimis produces kitchens that revolve around the chef’s movements, with elements organised in such a way as to make everything immediately within reach and ready for operation, avoiding unnecessary time wastage. These kitchens revolve around what are defined as the five phases of cooking, preserving-preparing-cooking-dishing up-washing-up, and which guarantee maximum performance, typical of professional kitchens, for those who cook with passion within the walls of their own home. Examples of these are the pull-out compartments, which are extremely useful to exploit all the available storage space and make everything easily accessible.

Depending on each particular ‘chef’, the Abimis kitchen can then be adapted not just in terms of width and depth, but also in height. The recessed plinth (by up to 20 cm), allowing feet to move freely and granting access to the entire depth of the work surface, can be modified to suit particular needs, to make the kitchen taller or lower while retaining its volumes and proportions, so as to render the work surface ergonomic and convenient. Tailor-made for the chef.

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