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A new website to talk about beauty 05.06.2020

When a big change happens in any company, it goes without saying that the company’s image and its marketing are involved.  After almost a century of excellence, craftsmanship and Made in Italy, Turri spent the last year renewing and establishing itself as a major player of international contemporary taste without renouncing to the values embedded in the company since 1925.  After having furnished the most exclusive residences worldwide with a new way of living amidst beauty, Turri launches its new website to talk about this ‘mission’.

The new website is coherent with the latest collections while reaching out to its public with an essential, intuitive and dynamic layout.  The images scroll on the home page and narrate beauty as ‘…a world view, an idea which it interprets and changes. Pleasure and consolation, well-being, aesthetic enjoyment coming from the perfectioning of ideas which have become universal’.

Moving on promptly to the furniture collections, there is a clear and simple division between the living, dining and sleeping areas.  Almost as a ‘manifesto’ of corporate identity, the ‘Turri Today’ sections can be found to illustrate the renewed style of the latest collections as well as ‘Turri Contract’ with its prestigious international projects.

Amongst the various sections, the viewer will be immersed in the Turri world while learning about the history and the values of the company, the collaboration with the various designers and getting acquainted with the entire Turri Collection which one can get to know even by clicking on a specific type of product.  In the ‘Turri Forever’ section, one may leaf through all the collections, from the past, the present and the future, surpassing fashion and tends.


Turri is luxury to live, beauty that lasts in time. Thanks to the new website, one can navigate this universe of traditional craftsmanship, and timeless attention to detail and style.

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