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A long-lasting commitment to sustainability: 27 years of FSC certification for ARAN World 07.02.2024

Along with environmental awareness, ARAN World‘s experience has also grown specialized in interior design projects, it has stood out for 27 years for its commitment, respect and love for the planet. Not only values with deep roots, but a constant research process that has allowed the company to obtain the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate.

This certification system was created to ensure that the wood used for ARAN comes from responsibly and sustainably managed locations. For 27 years, the commitment to the environment and indigenous communities, together with the preservation of the planet’s green lungs, has been reflected in the quality of ARAN World‘s production choices.

This achievement reflects the company’s ongoing focus on sustainability but also underlines its leadership in the industry.The sustainable use of resources reinforces the quality of certified products by providing the guarantee that the furniture you want to buy is made of wood or comes from responsible sources. And if it is often not pleasant to put up labels, in this case, finding it with the word FSC 100% is a symbol of an exclusivity: the origin from nature certified FSC.

“A continuous commitment to sustainability that is embodied in the use of responsible practices of forest management,” explains Renzo Rastelli (CEO & Owner of ARAN). “Obtaining and maintaining FSC certification requires strict adherence to high standards. ARAN World has demonstrated responsible management over the years, implementing activities that safeguard biodiversity, protect water resources and promote the health of forest ecosystems. These practices not only contribute to the preservation of the environment, but also to the creation of a sustainable business management model,” continues Renzo Rastelli.

A statement to its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection that is even more evident when it comes to eco-friendly furnishings made for the kitchen, the heart and lung of one of the most intimate and convivial environments in the home. Here, the search for ecological or recyclable materials is essential to design green solutions.

ARAN World products, made exclusively of materials from FSC-certified supply chains, tell a dimension made up of flexibility, functionality, ethics and sustainability, first and foremost in life.An approach through which it was possible to experiment with innovative ways to reduce environmental impactand improve the sustainability of business operations. “It was no coincidence that we wanted to work closely with the surrounding local communities. This has inevitably led to the creation of economic opportunities, increasing the protection of workers’ rights and respect for cultures. What is the greatest demonstration we have received and in turned shared? That economic success can go hand in hand with social responsibility,” concludes Renzo Rastelli.

A DNA that has been sustainable for at least 27 years and that tells not only the story of ARAN World furnishings but a true entrepreneurial philosophy that is based on three pillars that to sustain the company’s commitment to sustainability: verification, measurement and control. A conscious and lasting promise to exploit the long-life cycle of materials to limit waste and pollution, using reclaimed wood in the latest collections by ARAN World.

All thanks to an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard, which keeps increasing attention to the protection of nature with responsible management of energy and natural resources, waste and environmental emissions.

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