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A kitchen under the branches of a fruit tree 29.03.2018

Designed for ARAN Cucine, the table/cooker by Stefano Boeri Architetti accommodates, in a single block – under the branches of a fruit tree – all of the functions of a friendly space typical of the Italian kitchen: conservation, preparation, cooking, serving, meal, interaction, washing, recycling.

Stefano Boeri Architetti does not, therefore, propose a product for ARAN Cucine, but a living space: a fruit tree at the center of a dining table and a cooktop equipped with all the appliances necessary for the meal cycle.
The presence of a tree confirms the importance that the place designated to the practice of food is becoming more of a center of spatial and temporal gravity of the relationships of those who cohabit. The tree, a symbolic, mnemonic and spatial reference of a network of family relations that is becoming more of a variable geometry, that changes over time, following the trajectories of life and its components.

The tree, the table and the cooktop are a single object, able to evoke shared stories, anecdotes, memories and culinary secrets. Not only a kitchen, but also a device of collection and narration of everything that happens around you.
Presentation and exhibition will be at the EuroCucina space – Pav. 13 stand A07-B10 – ARAN Cucine.


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