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A kitchen by the sea 29.03.2021

Ego by Abimis for an elegant home in Lignano Sabbiadoro

This contemporary home with an unmistakable ‘summery feel’, where light characterises the entire space, is the perfect setting for an Abimis Ego kitchen, featured here in an L-shaped version with a central island.

White was chosen as the predominant colour throughout the interiors, making them extraordinarily bright; this brightness is further added to by the stunning glass doors overlooking the panoramic terrace with sea views, which allow natural light to flood into each room and especially the living room, which is home to both the kitchen and the dining area.

Here, the warm and familiar feel created by the wooden flooring is combined with the meticulous look of Ego’s stainless steel, while the walls bring to mind the sea and its ‘creatures’: the result is a sophisticated balance between architectural features and a typical seaside atmosphere.

Made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, Ego has an orbitally polished finish, ideal for reducing the visibility of any scratches and fingerprints. This model features the characteristic bevelled flush doors, perfectly integrated into the structure, extractable shelves, large ergonomic handles, a recessed socle with LED lighting – giving the kitchen an extraordinary ‘suspended’ look – and invisible hinges, patented by Abimis: this Ego kitchen was also completely customised based on the owner’s personal needs: a catering professional who owns restaurants along the Adriatic coast and in the nearby Alpine region, who wanted to recreate a kitchen with high-performance materials and appliances in his own home, as well as achieving stunning aesthetics.

Positioned in the large living area, this kitchen has different sections that separate the main functions: the generously sized island is home to the cooking area, which also acts as a joint-free worktop that prevents dirt from building up and makes the area easier to clean. The island worktop then extends to create a convenient snack bar, complete with push&pull compartments, ideal for making the best use of space and for admiring the ’roundness’ of this Ego kitchen, even from the sitting room.

The washing area, on the other hand, appears to almost embrace the island, with the L-shaped layout also integrating a number of orbitally polished stainless steel columns able to store and preserve food in the best way possible, as well as housing high-performance appliances and a wine cellar.

This Ego concept, born from Abimis’ experience in the world of design and the owner’s professional background, brings a high-quality, professional solution with a unique design to the home, offering the same levels of comfort and performance that one would expect from a first-class restaurant kitchen.

Abimis for a private residence in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei

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