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1981-2021 | Falmec marks its first 40 years 14.09.2021

Over the last 40 years, Falmec has evolved from a small artisan business in the Treviso area to being recognised as a major player on the international appliance stage for the production of hoods and related solutions that embrace the world of cooking and air treatment. Falmec ‘s strapline, “Life Inspired”, is the perfect description of the philosophy and essence of the company, which has chosen the path of innovation and technological research to improve the quality of life for each of us by drawing inspiration from life itself.

The story began in 1981 in the main office in Vittorio Veneto, where Falmec can now boast 7 branches in Europe (United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Estonia and Denmark).  A number of important accolades affirm the company’s prestige in Italy and the rest of the world, with recent examples including the American Good Design Award and the Compasso d’Oro, both achieved with the smart and unique Spazio extraction centre. Originating from one of the most flourishing areas in north-eastern Italy, the renowned “inox valley” of Veneto, Falmec represents the definitive structure of both an industrial and artisanal area of excellence, coupled with an expression of inimitable “Made in Italy “talent. Falmec maintains an indissoluble connection with the territory, sharing its values and development; in fact, this is the reason for the conscious decision not to move production elsewhere but instead, to avail itself of a local network of highly specialised suppliers and collaborators, whose inherent expertise is incorporated into the quality of Falmec products.

As Lorenzo Poser, Falmec’s Sales and Marketing Director, says: “Falmec’s commitment and responsibility comes from its identity as a family business, its roots in the Italian manufacturing tradition and its conviction that it is possible to grow in a sustainable manner, whilst also respecting people and the surrounding area in order to improve the quality of life and air in our homes.”

Continuously expanding, the company has also extended its Vittorio Veneto HQ in recent years, with a new plant of around 3000 square metres housing technologically advanced metalworking machinery. Attention to detail is woven intrinsically into Falmec’s DNA, leading the company to collaborate with established designers who have worked alongside the in-house team to create unique and authentically innovative objects where scrupulous attention to detail, and research into new technologies, are fundamental aspects in the design of every single one of its products. This commitment has generated exclusive, patented technologies.  The new Multi-Air, for example, which distributes suction power over several ultra-compact motors on the horizontal surface to guarantee the same suction efficiency but in an extremely small volume; or Circle.Tech, which integrates suction and filtration into a single unit, using the exclusive Carbon.Zeo filters made of natural materials such as carbon and zeolite.

Also highlighted is the unique E.ion System, which uses a sensor to detect all the unwanted pollutants, such as bacteria, dust, noxious fumes, exhaust gases and chemical substances from household cleaning products, by acting on the indoor environment through controlled bipolar ionisation; and the ultra-silent patented Silence NRS technology – developed in collaboration with laboratories specialising in fluid dynamics – designed specifically to reduce hood noise by up to 86% whilst also ensuring optimal use of power and lower consumption. To overcome the annoying problem of condensation caused by fumes and vapours during cooking, Falmec has also patented the No-Drop System featuring an intelligent device for collecting and disposing of resultant condensation particles.

“Our 40 years have been marked by many challenges, projects, innovations and studies, all of which are on-going and will continue unabated to ensure that we continue to achieve new and exciting goals. We want to contribute even more towards improving people’s lives, to provide additional comfort and multiple extra benefits to optimise the time spent in the kitchen,” concludes Lorenzo Poser.



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