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Warmth and emotion out of doors 20.10.2022

Once again, this season sees Ethimo celebrating the special relationship between design of its furnishings and nature with suggestion of an ever-new, appealing winter outdoor experience.

The outdoor world of Ethimo is made up not just of furnishings and accessories conceived for enjoying the warmest seasons of the year, it also offers solutions designed to enhance the look and cosiness of the most exclusive and refined outdoor areas in the mountains—both residential and collective—such as chalets, terraces, patios, winter gardens, porticoes and loggias, relaxation zones and centres with spas, ideas that create fabulous welcoming winter ‘wonderlands’.

After Allaperto Mountain, the first line specifically for outdoor areas in the mountains, and the result of collaboration with Studio ThunEthimo reworks the fabrics, weaves and accessories of some of the elements in its most iconic collections, such as the Rafael lounge solutions by Paola NavoneGrand Life sun loungers by Christophe PilletKilt little armchairs by Marcello Ziliani and the bergère-style Knit armchair designed by Patrick Norguet, turning them into extraordinarily comfortable furnishings for enjoying outdoor living even in the coldest months.

The common denominator of the various articles is selected, FSC-certified teak, which, together with the excellent characteristics, softness and resistance of the various fabrics and upholstery, and original weaves, expresses that note of warmth that is essential for furnishings used in Alpine settings.

Thanks to the wintery mood of these articles, Ethimo brings alive emotionally engaging sets that become a privileged viewpoint for admiring the beautiful surrounding scenery, contemplating the atmosphere and enjoying that sensation of stillness, rest and relaxed conviviality suggested by unspoilt nature.

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