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WallPepper®/Group expertise and creativity are at the designer’s service 19.10.2022

WallPepper®/Group wallpapers, the main characters of an increasing number of residential and contract projects, allow professionals to project not only with decorative solutions – sustainable and certified – extraordinarily expressive and emotional but with performing tools that are customized on any wall format and size. They are also ideal to fulfill specific functional needs (such as acoustic well-being, waterproofing, external wall application) and to solve structural problems without breaking down or building walls, creating new, often fascinating and surprising, visual perspectives.

With WallPepper®/Group wallpapers, professionals can realize any idea, inspiration, or ‘vision’ with a high-quality product of great aesthetic impact. The creative space is therefore limitless, each project can be customized to shape truly unique environments or to give new life to outmoded spaces.

Thanks to constant artistic and technical exploration (with wise use of materials and the best printing techniques), combined with a careful and sensitive approach to the environment, WallPepper®/Group offers a very wide range of proposals: in addition to the hundred graphics in the catalogue, customizable in color, it is possible to create entirely custom images, to meet the specific decorative needs of a project. The wallpapers are produced exclusively to measure, adapting each subject to the size of the wall to be ‘dressed’ and can be printed on all WallPepper®/Group materials (for indoor and outdoor applications, for humid spaces, for the ones which require decorative supports with soundproofing and sound-absorbing features or areas that need antibacterial solutions).

WallPepper®/Group means freedom to design, offering an exclusive and personalized service to all professionals in the interior decoration field: a technical and graphic staff is constantly available for the customer, to support and assist during every phase of the work, from the design of the project to the suggestion of the most suitable material for the realization, from digital settings and tailored cut previews, to production, realized completely within its Milanese headquarters.


WallPepper®/Group, much more than just wallpaper


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