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WallPepper®/Group brings the emotions of its images to the open sea 17.05.2022

Wallpaper defines a new trend in the naval interior design field


Interior decoration in the naval field asks for technical and specific features to realize functional, safe and cozy spaces, as well as aesthetically well-finished.


WallPepper®/Group – qualified brand in the production of unique decorative solutions, specially-made design to reply to any planning need – brings the wallpaper’s emotion and quality, technical and aesthetical, on board of yacht and cruise ships.


So, WallPepper®/Group adorns with style and personality also the walls of “floating locations” thanks to high-performance decorative solutions, certified for naval application.


Among others, WallPepper®/Group has obtained even the important IMO/MED certification, necessary for using wallpaper in nautical and shipbuilding sectors: the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the United Nations Institute in charge to guarantee the security of the sailing and the protection of the marine environment. The Directive MED (Marine Equipment Directives) establishes the certification for some marine equipping, considers the compliance and defines the basic prerequisite to being applied in design and production time. Therefore, this certification attests to the qualifications of the WallPepper®/Group solutions to be used in the naval field.


All the WallPepper®/Group graphics presented in the catalogue, together with the tailored ones and with that customized in colour or graphic according to the client and designer needs, can be printed on the two certified IMO/MED materials.


WP/Smooth, 100% eco-friendly nonwoven fabric

It’s a material composed by cellulose and textile fibers primarily derivate from Agave leaves, totally PVC-free, certified fire-resistant and with a good mechanical resistance. WP/Smooth is odorless, hypoallergenic and with a real decorative effect, thanks to the material features that make it extraordinarily soft to the touch. WP/Smooth has also obtained the UL, AgBB e Nordic Swan certification complies with the Greenguard Children & Schools standard.


WP/Suede, recycled PET

It’s a sustainable and innovative material, composed by 31% of PET (recycled bottles) and with a great mechanical resistance, it’s stain-resistant without necessity to be covered by a protective. WP/Suede represents a real sustainable choice for PVC material and guarantees good scratchproof and anti-rubbing performance. Also WP/Suede has also obtained the UL, AgBB e Nordic Swan certification and is in compliance with the Greenguard Children & Schools standard.




WallPepper®/Group, much more than ordinary wallpaper


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