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Waiting for Spring: Foliage from Carpet Edition. Design by Studio Romani Saccani Architetti Associati. 13.01.2022

Spring is the final piece in the Foliage seasonal collection of rugs designed by Michele Romani and Mauro Saccani, and brought to life by Carpet Edition: four vibrant and extraordinary rugs, each dedicated to a precise period of the year.

“Flower buds, leaf sprouts and budding greenery suddenly explode into a joyous awakening of blooms and hypnotic geometry”. Truer words cannot be spoken to describe the colors and forms of the Spring rug: a stylized shape defines the border, clearly inspired by the botanical world, while the vibrant tones emanate positive energy.

As is the case with Summer, Autumn and Winter, this final piece in the Foliage collection is produced in New Zealand wool using two different techniques: a central line which recalls the main vein on a leaf separates the velvet from the bouclé pile workmanship, giving distinct textures to the piece. The result is a refined tactile experience, due to being softer and smoother on one side and more compact on the other, just as it is when touching a leaf, smooth on the front and rough on the back.

Inspired by the grazing technique used in watercolors, the architects Romani and Saccani opted for a series of degrading shades of orange and green. Bright and delicate colors harmonize throughout the rug, recalling a varied and fresh palette typical of spring blossoms encompassing the buds, flowers and leaves that bloom on plants.

With Spring, this young and versatile collection is complete. A perfect expression of some of the most sacredly held values of Carpet Edition: attention to design, ability to combine tradition and innovation, the choice to use sustainable materials in order to have as little of an impact on the environment as possible.  The wool used for the rugs in the collection are of natural origin and boast exceptional qualities, guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of durability. With this reinterpretation of the succession of the seasons through the lens of design, the Foliage Collection, encompassed in the rugs Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, can become the protagonist of any room at any time of the year.

Ph. Credits: Mattia Aquila

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