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Vi. 07.10.2020

With its structure composed of two rods, the new Vi. celebrates a very important model of the artistic pathway followed by Catellani & Smith: the historical Vi lamp of the Oggetti senza Tempo collection. Vi. inherits the slender, strong lines of its predecessor with two rods that reach upwards but replaces the original nickel finish with a black and white colour scheme for a more contemporary look.

The lamps of the Vi. line include the Vi. F floor and Vi. W wall versions. Vi. F is made of metal, with brass spheres at the tops of both rods, contrasting and highlighting the deep black colour of the structure and further heightening the brightness of the white version. The uniqueness of this lamp, which is approximately 189 cm tall and set on a circular base, lies in the directional semi-cylindrical screen, which hosts a low voltage COB LED light source inside. The screen looks like an ‘independent’ component of the lamp, wedged between the two rods, and held in place by two magnets, one positioned in the internal part of the brass spheres, the other on both sides of the semi-cylinder. Respecting the polarities, the screen slots in between the rods, so that it can be fully rotated, and the light beam pointed in the desired direction. As well as the floor model, Vi. also becomes an elegant wall lamp with the Vi. W version. The design concept is the same: two metal rods, departing from a circular base installed on the wall, branch off, forming a ‘V’ shape. In the top part of the rods, the brass spheres return. Here too they are fitted with magnets, which enable the light to be directed as required.

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