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Vega, a ‘star’ in the kitchen 12.12.2018

The Circle.Tech technology now in a ceiling hood

The new Vega recirculating ceiling hood by Emo Design boosts Falmec Circle.Tech range. Falmec and Emo Design collaborated to come up with this new and exciting innovative design. The Circle.Tech technology patented by Falmec, integrates suction and filtration functions in one single solution, ensuring maximum efficiency in a smaller ceiling unit. Circle.Tech airflow is far more efficient due to the filtering system which surrounds the high air output motor which reduces noise and increases performance.
With Vega you don’t need to have ducting, making the installation a dream.
Vega’s symmetrical great looks is complemented by the high quality finishes that Falmec is renowned for. Available in white, black and high quality stainless steel, Vega fits perfectly into any kitchen situation.
The Carbon.Zeo filters which can be regenerated after 18 months is smartly integrated and easily accessible on the underside of the unit.
The unique perimeter extraction pioneered and promoted by Falmec is complemented by the large illuminated glass panel ensuring excellent worktop lighting on your working area. It is also boosted by Falmec Dynamic LED Light, allowing you to choose the tone of your lighting.

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