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Travelling from home with Carpet Edition 13.07.2022

With Carpet Edition products, travelling while staying at home is possible: from the United States to Peru, with a small Italian break.

Vermont, Miami, Murano and Lima.  These are the stops along the way to discover with Carpet Edition rugs.

Miami (100% Polymide) depicts the dichotomy of the city’s colors: the bright shades of the Art Deco architecture dialogue with the pastel hues of the beaches.

The American cultural connection also makes a stop in Vermont, entirely hand woven, including the hand folded and hand sewn border – reminiscent of the hues of late autumn when forests have already let go of of their soft colors to make way for shades of gray and tan.

Before moving on to South America, a stop over in Italy.  Murano Swirl, with its hand tufting on two levels and its composition (80% wool – 20% cotton) hints at the handmade craftsmanship of a city famous for the know-how of its artisans.

The last stop on this voyage is Lima. The sand and brown tones remind us that the Peruvian capital is the only one in all of South America that overlooks the sea, and counter balance the cooler charcoal and black tones of the squares and sky scrapers of a decidedly more modern Lima.

Carpet Edition rugs are produced with natural or synthetic fibers.  One of the most important characteristics is the uniqueness of the products.  Even the different coloration of the fibers, related to the dye baths, becomes a distinctive aspect that transform the rugs into unique pieces.

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