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The transformation of Paola Navone’s House for Turri Design 28.04.2023

Casa Azul by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio has been transformed: The cool and intense lapis lazuli blue that coloured Casa Azul last year has shifted to inviting, warmer shades.
In this collection for the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the warm colours chosen by Turri and Paola Navone for their new idea of the home follow in the footsteps of Italian high fashion as well as Navone’s contemporary style.

A rich, grey velvet was selected for the sofa, while powder pink colours the armchair. This was a conscious decision taken to adapt to the needs of modern lifestyles yet without neglecting traditional aspects of design.

The sofa’s hand-woven grey velvet can deceive the eye: What may first appear to be a rigid and orthogonal weave is, in fact, soft and delicate, composed of welcoming and undulating shapes. The signature weaving of the collection is also found in the new powder-pink armchair. The natural imperfections of macro weaving, which characterise both upholstered items, only adds to their beauty and uniqueness.

The proposal of elements of different sizes is balanced by Turri’s know-how and experience of Made in Italy to tell a space with a contemporary design.

In the new home by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio for Turri Design, the guest of excellence is colour which, together with the materiality of velvet, spontaneously shows itself in its versatility. The colour tones and material contrasts are easily proposed on the various furnishing accessories present in the room and make the visit through the house a unique and personal experience.

This new idea of the home also includes pieces from other collections, the original idea of the total look changes to that of sharing, increasing the possibilities of furnishing by customising the needs of those who live in the house.


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