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The prestigious Damask Collection expands with new models 21.03.2022

Carpet Edition presents new Limited Edition and Color Revival lines


The prestigious Damask collection of rugs strongly recalls the richness of the fabric with the same name, whose ancient roots go back mainly to the historic Syrian capital. It was in the 12th century that Damascus started producing and exporting, to the rest of the known world, this sought-after fabric that would take its name.


In addition to the over twenty Damask rugs, Carpet Edition has added the Limited Edition and Color Revival lines – with models produced in various percentages of wool, viscose, bamboo and cotton – which amplify the collection and provide a broader range of textures and colors to choose from.

Models from the Limited Edition line reproduce motifs most in line with the original damask designs with some interesting design variations, such as models 2837, 2842 and Illusion 02 which become contemporary art pieces, or models 2875 and 2607 which create attractive patterns through the interplay of geometric forms.

The Color Revival line, on the other hand, is an ode to color, with an explosion of tonalities that give a distinctive character to a room.  The damask texture combines with bright, vivid colors such as mustard yellow, rust red, gold, turquoise and many others.


The original production technique, which over the centuries has defined and characterized the “damask style” require that both the warp and weft, in the same color, are manually knotted and braided such that the designs and motifs emerge from the contrast between opacity and lucidity.  Carpet Edition preserves this ancient manual knotting method, while adding a slight cut. This way, in addition to the quality of the Persian knot, you get a three dimensional effect thanks to the ability of the craftspeople, who after having knotted thousands of fibers, clean and free the rug of excess fibers before proceeding with the precise cuts. At the end of these long and laborious phases, each rug is stretched and hung on a loom, and dried in the sun so as not to lose the splendor and elasticity of the fibers.

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