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The new Silhouettes by Studio Gensler for Turri 12.09.2022

Turri and Studio Gensler have made a truly impactful collaboration driven by a mission to produce strategic designs. The Silhouette collection proposed by Gensler exhibits mastery of contemporary and functional spaces, combined with expertise in architecture from around the world.

The new creations by Studio Gensler are inspired by the experience of stepping into a luxury hotel, where welcomed guests are delighted to see their expectations not only met but exceeded.

Imagine for a moment that you are standing near the entrance of an exclusive hotel. Your eye is first drawn to the Silhouette sofa, which gracefully enhances its surrounding space. The soft seat and cylindrical armrests, covered in leather or fabric, along with the fullness of the sofa as a whole, contribute to feelings of comfort and well-being.
Four elegant, solid wood feet, in dark eucalyptus finish, support with extraordinary naturalness the rounded body of the sofa, slightly lifting the structure from the ground. The Silhouette sofa, due to its clean shapes and proportions, is ideal for environments where hospitality and conviviality are the central themes.

For spaces where guests seek the ultimate in relaxation, a solution is found in the Silhouette lounge chair. Its U-shaped curvature conveys a feeling of lightness, emphasised by the enveloping lines of the cushions, which are available in fabric or leather. The main structure, in technopolymer with a lightgrey matte finish, has removable padding in half bouclé, and the back features a leather martingale. In the same way as the Silhouette sofa, the lounge chair’s aesthetic expresses the need for change that underscores many contemporary designs, and yet, at the same time, remains true to the authenticity of Turri’s “made in Italy” style.
Around the corner, in the corridor, we meet the Silhouette sideboard. This minimalistic design features four hinged doors made from heat-treated eucalyptus and a covering in leather. Inside are two compartments housing two shelves. The upper compartment is in matte black lacquer, while the embedded shelf is made from brown Emperador marble. Finally, petite bronze-coloured metal feet lift the structure from the ground.

To shine light on objects, furnishings and environments, there is the Silhouette illuminaire. This luminous sculpture is available in three different sizes, both in a light marble version and in an ash wood version.

Thanks to the foresight of the founder of the Gensler studio himself, Art Gensler, the Silhouette collection delivers a sense of personalisation and intimacy to large common spaces and expertly blends artisan tradition with innovation to suit the needs of modern design.

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