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The new Delicatessen Display Case 14.07.2022

Prisma and Franco Driusso, DriussoAssociati | Architects, reinterpret the concept of the refrigerated display case – one of the main pieces of equipment in the professional catering and hotel sector – transforming it into a high-performance ‘frame’ for preserving and enhancing the food contained inside.

Technology, efficiency, reliability and design. These are the features of the new Delicatessen Display Case, a showcasing solution that – thanks to its static ‘sandwich’ refrigeration – perfectly fulfils its primary function, ensuring the correct preservation of raw food like meat, fish, sushi, cheese, cold cuts and finger food. At the same time, its layout allows the best display/presentation of dishes.

A combination of functionality and aesthetics, the Delicatessen Display Case is indeed an innovative concept that not only keeps the food at the right temperature, but also becomes a distinctive element of the location where it is housed.

Prisma thus gives this working tool a new appeal, emphasising the importance of product design and location settings. Indeed, food, if accurately displayed, may positively influence the customer’s experience.

Made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel and glass, the Delicatessen looks like an elegant parallelepiped, and is equipped with static refrigerated lower shelf and drain which allows the shelf to be filled with ice, if necessary. The refrigeration system guarantees the ideal and constant internal temperature (about +5°C) for the temporary display of raw food, protecting its quality and integrity.

The technical parts are invisible by virtue of a refined serigraphy. The display case, on the operator’s side, consists of easily-removable sliding doors to ensure easy and safe cleaning. The lighting system is made of a concealed LED strip that allows light to spread evenly inside, thus enhancing the gastronomic products on display. The Delicatessen Display Case is also equipped with a flush-mounted digital thermostat panel with cycle defrosting.



Delicatessen Display Case, Franco Driusso – DriussoAssociati | Architects design

Photo Credits Arbor Restaurant, Jesolo: Colin Dutton

All the designs are the intellectual property of Prisma s.r.l., protected by International Registration with the European Union intellectual property office.

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