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The new bed of Azul home by Paola Navone for Turri Design 05.09.2023

The Azul home by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio featuring new colours and the same essence is also ready to welcome the bed.
Together with the grey velvet sofa and the pink powder armchair, there is the new entry represented by the bed, available in two new colours: grey like the new collection in the catalogue, and blue lapis lazuli, a colour which inspired Paola Navone to create the whole collection of the last year.

The use of entirely hand-woven fabrics reconfirms the most important feature of Azul home. The three-dimensional geometry achieved through the handcraft manufacturing of the fabrics gives a touch of sinuosity and comfort to one of the most essential moments of the day: the sleeping.

As an on-going expression of elegance, which characterises the whole collection, the sizes are crucial in this sleeping area’s version.
The embracing bed head reminds to a protection feeling: as in a nest or a hug, we are protected and rocked towards the dream’s world, and we can reach a real wellness dimension, functional to the daily routine performance. The rest is a healthy source through which we recharge and recover the energies for a challenging life, which demands always more high-performance levels.

The concept of the deep rest can be perceived also in the volumes. The sizes are the protagonists of the whole collection and are remarkable also in the bed to show the unique Turri’s manufacturing tradition blended with the contemporary style of the designer. The imperfection of the hand-made macro woven is the lait motif of all Azul’s upholstery, and in line with the just launched products, it confirms the beauty of the diversity, which can become an aware flawless.

The home by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio for Turri Design becomes always more unique and customised. Ready to overcome the total look concept, it frees from the boundaries of the single collections to discover a new cohesion in the renewed elegance and quality influence of every brand-new Turri Design’s collection. The dynamism of the ultimate furniture pushes them towards a sharing idea in which even the out-of-collection pieces can live together by respecting every choice made with the heart.


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