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The Floor Is Lava by Carpet Edition 06.04.2022

Designed by PLACéE, this new collection of rugs depicts the magnificence of volcanic explosion


The power of volcanoes inspired the new The Floor Is Lava rugs from Carpet Edition, an exclusive collection designed by PLACéE, design editor of experimental and refined pieces, in open dialogue with art and culture.

Six pieces with non conventional shapes, bichromatic and interpreted in a pop style, interpret the reaction and transformation of terrains after the volcanic force explodes in a chaotic river of magma and lava.

The Floor Is Lava is a metamorphosis of the ground which deforms and shapes itself with the slow passage of incandescent lava over it. The texture of the rugs seem to melt from the extreme heat, creating a design with a melted effect reproduced through decomposed and shaped lines.


In New Zealand wool and Tencel, the The Floor Is Lava rugs express their energy with bold and intense colors taken from nature, like the warm red-orange of the Fire Line, or the ashy charm of Lava Line and Carbon Plain.  The color palette extends also to more vivid shades, which come from the digital and gaming world such as greenback green, neon blue and orchid pink, as seen in Deep Mint Line, Eolian Blu Plain and Pink Orchid Plain.

The Floor Is Lava rugs are produced with the hand tufting technique, where the design is laid out on a vertical loom and the yarn is inserted with a textile gun.  The rug is then cleaned of excess fiber after which the borders are finished.




Photo credit: Omar Sartor

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