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The Elegance of Turri Design 08.02.2023

The elegance of blue, in its most perfect expression, encloses tradition in form, change and in direction.

The Azul sofa, by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio for Turri, enhances the company’s manufacturing skill by experimenting with new proportions and dimensions, via a process of metamorphosis. The sofa’s macro weave in blue velvet, with its orthogonal style, reveals the beauty of the imperfection through its hand-worked craftsmanship.

In contrast to Azul’s playful charm is the more orderly Domus sofa, by Matteo Nunziati. Seams, precise and regular, embrace the current heritage of Made in Italy Turri and define the structure of the seat and backrest, while allowing for various possibilities of sizes and combinations. The upholstery of this sofa by Nunziati comes in fabric or leather and can be applied to all possible configurations: armchair, two-seater, three-seater and four-seater.

Turri‘s is a world made of shapes, materials, finishes which also intersect with Nunziati‘s experience in the Net sofa. The protagonist here, in addition to eucalyptus wood, is once again Turri’s expert craftsmanship. A leather woven panel encloses either leather or fabric cushions on the sides, while metallic details add contrast to the front of the armrests.

The contemporary Turri brand continues with Giuseppe Viganò’s signature style through another upholstered item: Drum. Enriched with metal inserts, the walnut wood structure supports the softness of large, independent cushions and is conceived to offer maximum compositional flexibility. Giuseppe Viganò‘s sofa presents itself as a fixed shape in the living area, as two and three-seater armchair versions, or in a modular configuration. The company’s craftsmanship expands to reach the side panels of the armrests, which can be covered in smooth or woven leather.

With its latest collections, Turri’s design is traveling on a path towards modern style. The company is open to exploration, innovation and evolution, while remaining faithfully committed to the Italian artisanship on which it was founded.

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