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The Domus of Matteo Nunziati 17.05.2022

The continual evolution of the market’s needs – driven primarily by the demands of the younger generations – has led Turri on a path of stylistic renewal, which will soon become evident at the upcoming Salone del Mobile.

A clear reference to “Made in Italy” – alluding to not only Turri as a company but Italian history as well – is the starting point for a “home” project that involves dining, living and bedroom dimensions.

A strong push towards the contemporary will take shape among the many proposals the company plans to exhibit. This will include the new Domus collection by Matteo Nunziati, which also features Net, a woven sofa.

Nunziati, born in 1972, specializes in the design of luxury hotels, wellness centers, spas and residences, which engage him at an international level. The new concept of home he presents does not stop with history: His Domus, in fact, is also inspired by the investigation of the theme of contemporary, developed in the 1930s by Giò Ponti.

The Domus collection translates characteristics of the Roman house into a vision for the future. The solidity and sense of order perceptible in the historic domus, built on a single floor, finds a contemporary counterpart in Nunziati’s creations.

Guided by Giò Ponti’s reflections and his knowledge of Italian architecture, Matteo Nunziati managed to compel aspects of tradition to communicate with the most current needs of design. The furnishing elements of the Domus collection – studied in proportion, detail and material selection, as well as meticulous workmanship – tell the Artisan story of Italian furniture.

The uniqueness of these products lies precisely in the balance between the essentiality of the line and the reworking of the details. Nunziati’s house is a modern place that emanates warmth and elegance in all its environments: dining, living and bedroom.

This is demonstrated by the dining area, where you will find the true protagonist: the large rectangular dining table with a single wooden top, smooth or with marble inserts, placed directly into the structure, which rests on thin legs in matte light-platinum metal. The chairs that surround it are made of the same elegance, founded on one basic element upon which the entire collection was conceived: eucalyptus wood. The line of the back has a decorative cut in the final part in contact with the seat.

The Domus living area also includes two models of sideboards, one high and the other low, both of which can be customised with a marble top insert and with the doors in semi-mirrored glass.

In the living area, the fully-upholstered sofa, whose sides shape the seat and back, is available in two, three, and four-seater versions. All the proposals can be covered entirely in fabric or leather, or it is possible to produce a more emphatic effect by choosing a contrasting material for the base.

White and dark, wood and marble, warm and cold: the dichotomy of the Domus line is also evident in the coffee table, which can be rectangular or square, with a marble or wooden top. The possibility of the marble inserts, to differentiate it from its completely monotone version, shows the uniqueness not only of the single product but of the entire collection. Marble, in all its cold elegance, is welcomed in the warm embrace of eucalyptus wood to tell us about the refined union of these two natural and noble elements par excellence.

On the sides of the bed, the bedside tables in their simplicity do not lose the elegance and contemporary vein of Nunziati. Available in the version with open shelves or with a closed storage compartment, they are perfect for accommodating various personal items. Even the function and comfortable chest of drawers, in its more traditional line, made of wood and with a practical drawer system, not only performs a storage function but also becomes a versatile and essential piece of furniture in this room of the house.

The crown jewel of the bedroom collection is in the dressing table. Eucalyptus wood returns to the support surface, which is ready to accommodate all the products for daily beauty care, is held up by brushed metal legs. The vanity corner, designed for the beauty routine in the sleeping area, exploits the potential of natural light that is often hard to find in the bathroom. The moment you can cut out to use this dressing table offers a moment of real relaxation before going to sleep.

The collection is able to create a fil rouge with all the most important areas of the domestic dimension.

The alternation of shapes, materials, finishes, returns as a constant of Nunziati’s stylistic code even outside of the Domus line. The Net sofa is a clear example of this. Made with a Eucalyptus wood structure, it has metal inserts on the front of the armrests, a leather weave applied to the sides and cushions that can be in leather or fabric. The same characteristics also return in the Net armchair.

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