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The 2023 collection 05.12.2022

An exciting new ‘stage’ in continuing exploration of the world of outdoor decor by Ethimo.

Colours of Earth.

The elegant design of Ethimo furnishings, in the new 2023 catalogue, meets the charm of a distant Morocco, in the vibrant atmosphere of Marrakech, amidst the colours and sensory opulence of hidden gardens, the linearity of contemporary architecture interwoven with the brilliant nuances of ancient buildings, the intense colours of the desert that moves through all the shades of red and, in the background, the Atlas Mountains with their sculpted masses of rock.

The extraordinary solidity of the plant world and the multifaceted character of this light-filled land, with its exclusive authentic allure, are a natural link with the spirit of the brand. An extraordinary place, where different worlds and knowledge coexist, blending together seamlessly to create a unique style recognisable the world over. A land of oxymorons that over time has managed to welcome different cultures and traditions, becoming a melting pot of creative talent and an exclusive choice for heads of state, actors, artists and stylists, who have found here a secret haven of relaxation, inspiration, and stimuli for creativity.

The Ethimo 2023 catalogue is set in an evocative villa outside Marrakech, in the Agafay desert, with its minimalist architecture, colours and materials reminiscent of the link with the earth, and a secret garden, with its dreamlike atmospheres and irresistible exotic charm.

Warm colours, intense fragrances, unique vibrations and, at the same time, the enveloping tranquillity of an authentic, rural habitat provide the setting for an outdoor design concept in perfect symbiosis with its surroundings, conveying sensations of freedom, refinement, exclusivity, and comfort.

Continuing on from the natural communicative power found in the 2020 ‘stage’ at the Botanical Garden in Palermo, Ethimo chooses another iconic garden in Morocco to underline its idea of outdoor living and design linked to the natural world.

On the outskirts of Marrakech, a private collection of cacti and other succulents belonging to thousands of species constitutes a unique, priceless botanical legacy, a ‘treasure trove’ that becomes an exceptional setting for individual iconic pieces from the collections. Against this special backdrop, all the furnishings and accessories trace the extraordinary consistencies hidden in nature, picking up on its chromatic nuances, and telling a story of excellent workmanship—a balanced mix of quality craftsmanship, innovation, comfort, and design—different noble materials, fabulous fabrics and refined textures combine to lend each outdoor project exclusive characteristics.

Morocco thus inspires the new 2023 catalogue, where the collections confirm their personality and new designs are brought to life to suggest the pleasure of outdoor living in continuity with nature, in a constant embodiment of comfort, quality and internationality.

New collections for unexpected outdoor emotions.

There are many eclectic new Ethimo inspirations for furnishing outdoor spaces:

Bold, the brand new line of ‘sculpture’ tables in concrete and natural stone; Bulbi, the collection of concrete vases created together with Studiopepe; Cross, the small tables with a green soul designed by Patrick Norguet; Nodi, the soft elegant collection of rugs by Paola Navone; the new dining ‘vision’ of the Venexia collection by Luca Nichetto and Woody, the floor lamp, made entirely of natural teak, created together with Marc Sadler, to create spectacular open-air lighting effects.

The most important ‘stage’ in this new journey into the world of outdoor decor by Ethimo is represented by the Costiera and Baia collections. A constant desire to discover new dimensions for living combined with an ability to interpret the most diverse outdoor contexts with unprecedented, high quality solutions have led Ethimo to build innovative projects, the result of exceptional convergence of form, style, material and manufacturing. After Allaperto Mountain (designed by Studio Thun), the first collection specifically dedicated to enhancing outdoor winter spaces, and Ace (designed by Patrick Norguet), the first line created to furnish sports environments, Ethimo presents its exciting new nautical challenge stemming from the creativity of Christophe Pillet and the brand’s bond with the sea.

Costiera and Baia have, in fact, been conceived and designed for ‘inhabiting the sea’ in the utmost comfort and efficiency, taking on board yachts and large vessels furnishings that not only stand out in terms of functionality, versatility and design, but which, thanks to the use of resistant materials and fabrics of the highest technical quality, can meet the characteristic demands of use on a boat. Costiera and Baia, which feature two different versions of lounge seating, can also be used in the most exclusive contract environments, yacht clubs or sophisticated residential contexts. With the Costiera and Baia lines and the other new additions to the 2023 collection, Ethimo tells the story of evocative new scenarios in contemporary outdoor living, even ‘on the high seas’, making it possible to create rooms that are always functional and comfortable, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks to the constant perfect balance of creativity and design, material and decoration that characterises its various collections, Ethimo suggests engaging new ways of living in open spaces, both private and hospitality. The variety of the solutions makes it possible to create increasingly complete customisable interiors, from living to dining areas, from lounges to chill-out zones, for enjoying life in the open air in complete comfort, combining elegance and functionality.

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