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Talismano 18.10.2022

Talismano is the new table lamp designed by Giulia Archimede in collaboration with the Catellani & Smith Product Development Team.

Set within the brass structure is an iridescent glass element, the result of lengthy experimentation and a complex workmanship procedure comprising a number of stages to produce the distinctive effect that makes every single lamp unique. The process begins with blown glass, which is then stretched by hand to give the glass the characteristic irregular effects visible in transparency, while keeping the surface perfectly smooth.

A chemical and physical process then makes it possible to obtain a distinctive iridescent effect, which, by filtering the light generated by the LED sources concealed within the structure, creates unexpectedly warm tones that shift from yellow through to red, while the wall behind the lamp is lit at the same time.

The magic of the Talismano lamp does not end here, however, because when it is switched off, the natural light interacts with the iridescent glass, producing delicate, spell-binding sky blue and pinkish tones.

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