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… sometime just Pocheparole (a few words) are enough to dress the wall 19.09.2023

WallPepper®/Group presents the new Capsule Collection


Choose to design and define a location’s atmosphere with a Capsule Collection by WallPepper®/Group, which means to make the surfaces special, dressing them with real (and original!) artistic suggestions.

With the new Capsule Collection Pocheparole, signed by Andrea Cerquiglini, WallPepper®/Group, has found the opportunity to give a new hidden meaning to the wallpaper material, with unexpressed but evident feelings, transfer through an artistic sign suspended between graphic mark and lettering.

‘I’m not a digital native person, I’ve always drawn and written by hand’. Andrea Cerquiglini starts to tell the inspiration that brings him to draw Pocheparole. ‘Years ago, in a moment made by many travels and with the need to adapt myself to draw in temporary, and often tight, place, I found myself to use, by chance, using colored pens and pencils in a well-defined space: striped notebooks, in A4 size.

Not so much time ago – continues Andrea Cerquiglini – again by chance or maybe not, I met WallPepper for work needs, then I’ve had the occasion to show my draws and to share thoughts and considerations about the expressive potentiality of a media that, theoretically, have no limits or boundaries: amazing! Yes, wallpaper has been a huge leap in scale, my drawings are not “contained” anymore in a space but become “containers” by themselves, a real space, also even a bit of architecture.”

In the Pocheparole Capsule Collection, the writing semantic function is breaking up to be re-interpreted in a graphic element, transforming the expressing value of the words in an enchanting and surprising graphic form. The graphemes follow and develop each other in kaleidoscopic images, taking the observer on an unexpected journey through parallel worlds: from the understanding of the meaning to the emotional perception of the sign. As a “visual poem”, Pocheparole match visual elements to create artwork able to catch the observer. Andrea Cerquiglini transforms its Pocheparole (a few words) into an emotional and aesthetic experience, that concerns the whole wall.

Pocheparole enriches the huge WallPepper®/Group catalogue with six original suggestions: Alberi a parole, Boscostrano, Foglie che si credono alberi, Alberi senza parole, Scrivo perché non ho niente da dire and Navale. These graphics have dreamlike lines and soft colours leaving the thought free to venture into reflections, visions, and illusions.

Pocheparole, like all Capsule Collections, combines the expressive strength of the drawing with the features that always make the WallPepper®/Group product: material’s quality and affability (natural, environmentally friendly, certified and highly performing), the possibility to choose among different solutions according with the project needs and a tailored production, to adapt the image to every wall or ceiling.


WallPepper®/Group Capsule Collection, walls never stop surprising!


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