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Shaping Rastelli’s kitchens 20.06.2023

Marco Fabrizio Corti, Makio Hasuike & Co., Ferruccio Laviani, Ulisse Narcisi, Karim Rashid are Rastelli’s gamechangers.
Names and faces sharing projects, visions, and contemporary languages to tell Rastelli’s Made in Italy worldwide.

Thanks to Rastelli’s experience in kitchens design and the creativity of every partner designer, present and past live together creating different domestic spaces to satisfy also the most sophisticated needs.

Every kitchen signed Rastelli unveils a common story: the one of those who choose it for their homes and, even before, the one of those who designed it keeping in mind the final consumer.
The concept of customizable simplicity is well portrayed by the linear and neat Royale by Marco Fabrizio Corti. A place to live and to be organized to taste: the storage units and open cabinets like bookshelves, together with tall units and accessorized cabinets, are crucial to place all the necessary in the kitchen but are also perfect in the living area.

A design that goes beyond boundaries and in contact with Art is Beluga’s, the kitchen born from the meeting with the personality of Ferruccio Laviani. A balance of solids and voids, lights and shadows, dictated by the alternation of the volumes of the modules, suggesting many combinations and chromatic matches. Everything is lightened by shelves and units made by panels and shelves in drilled metal.

Beluga is a composition studied in every detail: all its elements represent the parameters of an essential geometry, capable of valorizing and underlining materials and shades.

Once again, a minimalist line transformed the kitchen in the polyhedric core of the house: a space open to sociality, relations and, of course, life. R1, designed by Ulisse Narcisi, talks about this, immediately appearing a system of plain modules and sharp lines. The wide range of elements and finishes in the catalogue exalts its versatility and the many personalization possibilities for the most contemporary needs.

The same ability to reinvent themselves and always step with the times, inborn in Rastelli, returns also in the kitchen models designed by Karim Rashid. If Karan is recognizable for the strict geometry of its island, characterized by a rational and ergonomic layout of all its parts, Kook force is in the bold use of colors.
An intrepid statement also within materials: the Solid Surface allows a spectrum of technological solutions that transform cooking in a unique and original experience, every day.

In Rashid’s vision also light is colored by bright shades: the profiles of the groove opening of wall cabinets is lightened by a LED system that boosts the visual impact of the composition.

Going beyond the traditional thinking that commonly interprets the kitchen to try to get closer to nature: this is what Makio Hasuike & Co. wanted to bring in their last creation for Rastelli – Bosco. Here, as in nature, the protagonists of domestic architecture are scents, lights, and fresh air. In the union between solidity and lightness, lights and shades, freely returns the alternation of materials to soothe the senses. A timeless space that comes closer to industrial design, filtered also by the Japanese culture, an innovative and versatile inspiration for Makio Hasuike & Co..

Rastelli’s design is signed and represented by international designers ready to go deep in the conception of a kitchen build upon aesthetical values as well as on the knowledge of the purely Italian Saper Fare.


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