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Sfera W 01.07.2022

Inspired by the famous Escher self-portrait, the new Sfera W lamp by Catellani & Smith plays on the mirror surface effect, capturing the reflection of the observer. This spherical mirror reflects the setting it is placed in, with an illuminating effect even when switched off.

Conceived as a sphere touching the wall, it has no visible mechanical fastening, and the direction of the beam of light emitted can be chosen when the lamp is fitted, depending on how the bracket is positioned. Although the light source is not visible, in order to guarantee the perfect elegance of the spherical shape, an asymmetric lens enables the recovery of much of the light flow emitted by the COB LED, equivalent to a 110W halogen bulb.

Sfera W is also dimmable with TRIAC technology, and available on request also for DALI systems; it can be used individually or in multiple compositions, to diversify the light effects created or to amplify the surprising interplay of reflected images.

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