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Roma: the new Turri + Monica Armani Capsule Collection 30.08.2022

Turri has created a transversal fil rouge of trends embracing a contemporary style, as it increasingly seeks to address the demands of younger generations.

The brand’s collaboration with Monica Armani breathed life and international flair into Turri’s new capsule collection, Roma, which strikes an ideal balance of aesthetics, innovation, technology and tradition. Roma represents equally Ms. Armani’s stylistic code and the well-honed execution of the Turri company.

The element most characteristic of the collection is the round arch – a synthesis of perfection and harmony found frequently in the Eternal City. Counterbalancing the continuous reference to these arches and the know-how of the Turri brand is Monica Armani’s recognisable aesthetic, which together create an exclusive relationship.

Roma, with its soft and rounded lines, shows its innovative DNA in the choice and use of fine materials. The historic ability of the Turri brand to create lacquered surfaces finds its maximum expression in Roma, which also features precious fabrics, embroidered leathers and geometric prints – which are applied to the doors of products as unique as they are timeless.
«Straight and round lines chase each other, connecting to create unique objects born from the union of historical memory and contemporaneity» explains Monica Armani.

The semicircular section formed by the arch, the cornerstone of this collection, defines a wide range of furnishings for the living and sleeping areas. The seductively simple living dimension offers two table models: The first confirms the circular theme of the capsule in its legs and top. It features a singular metal base of vertical tubes (available in Champagne Gold and Graphite Grey finishes) with a round or rectangular top in Calacatta Gold marble. The second table, rectangular yet with a rounded design, boasts a top with rounded corners and cylindrical legs. It is made entirely of single-color lacquered wood, highlighting Turri’s expertise in lacquering.

The collection would not be complete without accompanying chairs. With smooth or embroidered backrests in fabric or leather, the Roma chairs again reference the thematic arches. The same line and customisation possibilities exist for the Lounge Roma armchair.

On the cabinet’s wooden doors is a geometric decoration that can be printed on a single-color lacquered finish, with the possibility of maintaining the sides in curved wood covered in leather. This customisable and versatile piece, within which are four glass shelves, comes with doors that can be made of glass or wood (with or without decoration).

The geometric element that characterizes the cabinet appears as well on the sideboard, which was designed to have wooden or glass doors. The wooden version can be customized with a printed geometric decoration, and the top is available in light marble.

The tops of the étagère, made of single-color glossy lacquered wood, are vertically interspersed on the back with padded panels that can be upholstered in leather and embroidered. The vertical metal structure of the étagère is available in two types of finishes.

In the bedroom area of the Roma collection, is a bed made with a wing structure completely covered in bouclé fabric, both in the headboard and in the bed frame. The bed is accompanied by a dressing table, available with or without a mirror, with a top in lacquered wood and side
suspended drawer units covered in leather. The metal legs return to the dressing table, as a distinctive thread throughout the entire collection. Designed to be combined with beauty, the fully-padded and leather-covered pouf brings back the geometric decoration typical of the capsule.

The contemporary lines of the Roma chest of drawers and bedside table further define the sleeping area, offering solutions both elegant and comfortable. The lacquered wood chest of drawers has a system of drawers with handles, for carefully storing clothes and household linen.

The bedside table, on the other hand, is a support surface that can accommodate all the objects that are usually used before bed: a book, a small lamp, an alarm clock. The Roma bedside table, in addition to a suspended shelf, comes with a useful storage compartment.

Completing the bedroom area is a wild product that can be understood as a coffee table and / or lamp, and, therefore, can also find its home in the lounge-living area. This semicircular coffee table and lamp hybrid is made entirely of metal and is designed in both finishes.

The architecture of the products in the Roma collection come with a valuable benefit: Due to their encased designs, the double-sided bed, étagère and sideboard, in particular, can stand independently. In this way, Roma furnishings give you maximum placement flexibility. They can be positioned along the side of a room or boldly in its center, where they act as beautiful showpieces or even serve as creative partitions for larger rooms.

They are available in the finishes specified in the company’s samples and, where possible, can be combined with Champagne Gold and Graphite Gray metal. All customisation options are frequently refined but always entail signature graphic symbols and precious details.

In the interior project proposed by Monica Armani for Turri there are also two rugs, available in two shapes, round or oval, both white and made of Botanical Silk. The typical motif of the Roma collection is drawn here on a loom.

With its rounded shapes and tactile curves, Roma supports the Turri brand through its expression of simplicity, elegance and authenticity.

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