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Design the living area between decoration and acoustic comfort 14.02.2023

Nowadays, wallpaper material is a distinguishing element in several interior design projects, whatever is the location and the background application context, residential or public: when you have to decorate a living area, from the bigger, as an open space, to the small one, more reserved and absorbed, it transforms itself in a “magnetic” tool able to radically change not only the perception of the space but also to define the atmosphere creating lively feelings.

From the more creative graphics, vivacious, exciting or with the most intense and brilliant colours, to the ones more relaxing, meditative or with very delicate nuances, the wallpaper talks about the personality of a space and of those who live there.

Thanks to the extraordinary decorative ability and to the excellent performance features, the WallPepper®/Group wallpapers are the perfect tools to interpret and add value to the living area, whether it’s an important renovation or a restyling, with the maximums focus on comfort and aesthetics.

The application way can be varied according to the desired effect/result: it’s possible to cover just one wall, transform an architectural element, liven up a corner of the room, beat or define the functionality of a space, as a reading corner, give a different perspective to a wall or, for a very “embracing” and spectacular effect, can be applied at 360°.

An important aspect to take into consideration when you choose to decorate a living space with wallpaper material, especially in the hospitality and contract field, is the acoustic comfort: keeping a perfect balance between esthetic and functionality, all the WallPepper®/Group graphics can be printed on the WP/Acoustic material, a really sound-absorbing (test and certified) solution, partly also sound-isolating, developed to improve the acoustic wellness of the spaces.

The WP/Acoustic wallpaper is composed of special technical fiberglass sheets united with a sound-absorbing backing: only one product, only 3 mm thick, that can be applied on walls and ceilings, differentiating sound from noise and reducing reverberation.

Furthermore, WP/Acoustic is finished with the Wallsilk®Antibatterico protective coating, a mono-component formulation that doesn’t allow the proliferation of germs, to be applied on the already applied wallpaper.

The bacteria that met this product fail to develop and are eliminated by 99.9%, thus making environments healthier, including the living area. The antimicrobial properties of the Wallsilk®Antibacterial protective are achieved thanks to a particular composition enriched with silver salts, an antibacterial and disinfectant element that has a ‘natural’ germicidal action.

WallPepper®/Group, much more than wallpaper


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