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OmniDecor glazing in Paris for EquipHotel 18.11.2022

From 6th to 10th November 2022, the expressive and architectural possibilities of OmniDecor glazing will be on show in Paris at the leading international trade show for professionals in the hotel and restaurant sector, EquipHotel Paris.


The art direction of booth B010, located in exhibition hall 7.3, was entrusted to set designer Lidia Elisa Covello who interpreted the products that OmniDecor offers experts in the hospitality world with a set-up dedicated to the Parisian event. EquipHotel Paris is an opportunity to explore the endless solutions, guaranteed by the excellence Made in Italy and the professional approach of a leading international brand in the industrial production of decorated and satin finish glass, to accommodate the needs of contemporary hotel design.


The products have been organised in moodboards and have been transformed into veritable installations which allow visitors not just to appreciate the characteristics of the various types of glass, in an unconventional way, but also to see how they interact with one another, paving the way to the most diverse architectural offerings.


The exhibition space is also enhanced by Intro, the latest creation by Lidia Elisa Covello for OmniDecor. The five objects that make up this collection stem from the coming together of the multiple types of OmniDecor glass and the artistic prowess of the designer. Once again, the booth showcases micro-installations where the geometric shapes, abstract silhouettes, colours and transparencies intermingle to explore the creative potential of glass.


The main product lines on display at the trade fair are DecorFlou and DecorOpal.

DecorFlou groups together the satin finish glazing which is produced using a special process devised by OmniDecor, resulting in a soft and velvety surface, which is perfectly even and offers outstanding hard-wearing durability.

This line also includes DecorFlou Design decorated glazing which, thanks to a selective satin finish process designed with painstaking care for detail, boasts the possibility of being adorned with the most diverse patterns. The skilful combination of transparent surface and satin finish surface creates mesmerising three-dimensional effects that change as the light varies.

DecorOpal, on the other hand, is the coloured glass line by OmniDecor distinguished by satin finish or glossy surfaces achieved using water-based paints, to confirm the brand’s commitment to implementing process and making products that are sustainable.


OmniDecor products can be applied in a wide variety of installations, both in household furnishings as well as in the contract industry, where they are widely used, especially when the need arises to provide an even, matt and block coloured finish that is both long-lasting and at the same time delicate.

This is demonstrated by the new DecorOpal pane format: the size, unprecedented to date, 2550 x 3210 mm opens up further usage possibilities in the world of design. The large dimensions of the DecorOpal pane make it possible to obtain smaller modules, which are ideal for indoor tiling in hotels, wellness centers and accommodation.


The product display of OmniDecor at EquipHotel Paris emphasises the brand’s ability to interpret the complex requirements of the hotel industry offering products for wise and responsible, constantly developing design.

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